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Dear Darling,

i have dreams. plans. ideas. lots of them.
oh, and i want to change the world.

When I was sixteen I dreamt of having a career where I was a CIA operative staged as a concert pianist while learning the secrets of the world while I saved lives in a sparkly dress.

Crazy, right?
YES: totally, completely.

Yet while I’m no longer a sixteen-year-old high school student and would never pass as a CIA agent (thank you, Reality), I do play the piano as my day job and I do still want to help save the world. I know now though that I can’t save the world by being an undercover cop. I know now that the world is about more than sparkly dresses and childish dreams. However, I also know that I can help bring positive change to the world with who I am. I can speak out against social injustices, I can be the light of Jesus in a world of darkness. I can encourage others by the music that I play and by the words that I speak and write.

So that’s me: an ambitious, artsy millennial with big dreams, big plans, and an even bigger heart and a desire to connect with her generation.

I’m an all-or-nothin’ kinda girl. I’m passionate; I love big and fall down hard when my heart’s broken. I give until there’s absolutely nothing left to give and I don’t regret it. I believe in God with my whole heart and know that I’m living life to fulfill His purpose — and that purpose is greater and bigger than I could ever be by myself.

And the greatest thing about that purpose? It’s all about helping you to find your calling, your purpose in Jesus, your reason for living. So let’s change the world together, my darling. Let’s live and be who Jesus is calling us to be.

heart to hearts

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